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简介中国成语故事有哪些英语_中国成语故事有哪些英语翻译       接下来,我将针对中国成语故事有哪些英语的问题给出一些建议和解答,希望对大家有所帮助。现在,我们就来探讨一下中国成语故事有哪些英语




2.成语故事 英文版








        成语寓言故事:Playing the Lute to a Cow对牛弹琴

       Gong Mingyi was a famous musician in ancient times, who played the lute very well.



       One day, while playing the lute indoors, Gong Mingyi saw a cow eating grass leisurely outside the window. He had a sudden whim to play some melodies for the cow. He first played the "Exercise of Qing Jiao", but the cow still kept on eating grass with head lowered. He seemed to realize that the melody was too highbrow for the cow to understand.


       So he played several other melodies, imitating the buzzing sounds of swarms of flying mosquitoes, and the bleats of a calf looking for its panions. At this, to his surprise, the cow stopped eating grass, but raised its head, pricked up its ears, wagged its tail and, pacing up and down in *** all steps, began to listen attentively.


        成语寓言故事:The Gentleman on the Beam梁上君子

       One year in the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a serious famine in I-Jenan.


       One night, a thief sneaked into Chen Shi's house and hid himself on the beam. When Chen Shi was aware of this, he got out of bed without haste, called his children and grandchildren to his room and said in a stern voice:


       "One must always restrain and encourage oneself no matter under what circumstances. Bad men were not born bad. It is only bee they don't restrain themselves that they develop bad habits and turn bad gradually. That gentleman on the beam is just a case in point."


       Much ashamed upon hearing this, the thief hiding on the beam promptly jumped down to the ground, kowtowed and begged for forgiveness.


       Chen Shi enlightened him by saying:


       "Judging from your appearance, you don't look like a bad man. Perhaps you are driven by poverty to steal. But you should carefully examine yourself and turn over a new leaf."


       Then he immediately asked someone to bring two bolts of white silk to give the thief as a present. The thief kowtowed and thanked him repeatedly.


       Since then, very few thefts occurred in this locality.


成语寓言故事:Cutting the Fabric to Admonish the Hu *** and断织诫夫

       A long time ago, in Henan there was a young man named Le whose family was very poor.


       One day, Le Yangzi picked up a piece of gold on the road. He happily took it home and gave it to his wife. His wife said in all seriousness:


       "I heard that men with aspiration do not drink from the Dao ***meaning steal in Chinese*** Spring, and honest men do not take handout food. Furthermore, picked-up money and things will stain one's moral character."


       Hearing this, Yangzi was very ashamed of himself. So he threw the piece of gold away in the open field.


       This incident touched Le Yangzi deeply. He made up his mind to leave home and go to a faraway place to study under a master.


       One year later, Le Yangzi returned home. His wife inquired why he returned so soon. Le Yangzi *** iled and said:


       "There is no other reason except that I, being all alone away from home, miss you so much that I e back."


       His wife turned pale at his words. She took up a knife, ran to the silk loom, put the knife on the silk fabric woven from natural silk, and said to Le Yangzi in an agitated tone:


       "I reeled silk strand by strand from cocoons and, with the shuttle moving to and fro, weaved it inch by inch into this bolt of silk fabric. Now if I should cut the fabric with the knife, all the previous efforts and time I've devoted would be wasted. While studying, you should always remind yourself that there is yet much more to learn. Only in this way can you cultivate a noble moral character. If you give up halfway, it will be just like cutting up this silk fabric at one stroke."


       Deeply moved by his wife's words, Le Yangzi bid farewell to her at once, went to the faraway place, and made determined efforts to study hard. He had been away from home for a good seven years, and finally succeeded in his studies.


成语故事 英文版




       Sitting by a Stump, Waiting for a Careless Hare

       In the Spring and Autumn Period, a former in the state of Song was one day working in the fields when he saw a rabbit bump into a tree stump accidentually and break its neck. The former took the rabbit home and cooked himself a delicious meal. That night he thought:"I neednt work so hard. All I have to do is wait for a rabbit each day by the stump." So from then on he gave up farming, and simply sat by the stump waiting for the rabbits to come and run into it.

       This idiom satirizes those who just wait for a stroke of luck, rather than making efforts to obtain what they need.


       掩耳盗铃Plugging One's Ears While Stealing a Bell





       Plugging One's Ears While Stealing a Bell

       During the Spring and Autumn period,Zhi Bo of the State of Jin destroyed Fan's family.Taking advantage of this occasion,a man went to Fan's house and tried to steal something.As soon as the man entered the gate,he saw that there hung a big bell in the courtyard.The bell was cast in high-quality bronza,and was beautiful in design and shape.The theif was very glad,and decided to carry this beautiful bell back home.But no matter how hard he tried,he could not move the bell,because the bell was both big and heavy.He thought and thought again,and believed there was only one way to solve the problem.He had to break the bell to pieces before he was able to carry them back to his home separately.

       The thief found a big iron hammer,with which he struck the bell with all his might.The striking produced an enormous crashing sound,which might.The striking produced an enormous crashing sound,which made the thief terribly frightened.The thief got flurried,thinking that it was too bad to have produced the crashiing sound which would himself on the bell,trying to muffle the crashing sound with his arms.But how could the crashing sound of the bell be muffled?The crashing sound still kept drifting melodiously to distant places.The more he listened to the sound,the more frightened hw became.He xubconsciously shrank back,and covered his ears hard with his hands."Hey,the sound becomes fainter,inaudible,"the thief became cheerful at once," wonderful!The sound of the bell can not be heard when the ears are covered."He immediately got some odd bits of cloth,made two rolls with them,and had his ears plugged with the two cloth rolls.He thought that in this way nobody could hear the sound of the bell.Feeling relieved,he began striking the bell,one blow after another.The resounding sound of the bell was heard at distant places,and finally people caught the thief by gracing the sound.

       This story comes from"Knowing Yourself" in The Annals by Buwei,written just before the Qin Dynasty(221-207 B.C.)was founded.Allegedly,when Li Yuan,Emperor Gao Zu of the Tang Dynasty(618-907),read this story,he felt it simply ridiculous and said,"This is what is called plugging one's ears while stealing a bell."

       Later,people have used the set phrase "plugging one's ears while stealing a bell" to refer to the ignorance and foolishness of the person who deceives himself as well as others.


       volunteer to do sth/recommend oneself毛遂自荐

        In the Warring States Period, the State of Qin besieged the capital of the State of Zhao.战国时代,秦国军队攻打赵国的都城。

        Duke Pingyuan of Zhao planned to ask the ruler of the State of Chu personally for assistance.He wanted to select a capable man to go with him. 赵国的平原君打算亲自到楚国去请救兵,想挑选一个精明能干的人一同前去。

        A man called Mao Sui volunteered. 有一个名叫毛遂的人,自告奋勇愿意同去。

        When the negotiactions between the two states were stalled because the ruler of Chu hesitated to send troops, Mao Sui approached him, brandishing a sword. At that, the ruler of Chu agreed to help Zhao, against Qin.平原君到楚国后,与楚王谈了半天,没有一点结果。毛遂怒气冲冲地拿着宝剑,逼近楚王,终于迫使楚王答应出兵,与赵国联合共同抵抗秦国。

        This idiom means to recommend oneself.“毛遂自荐”这个成语用来比喻自己推荐自己,不必别人介绍。


        英文中“毛遂自荐”可以说成“volunteer to do sth”,“volunteer”既可以作名词,也可以作动词,作名词时的意思是“志愿者”,作动词就可以解释为“志愿去做什么事”,就是“毛遂自荐”啦~


        Our company volunteered to support and help the victims. 我们的公司毛遂自荐来帮助受灾灾民。

        You can volunteer to work one or multiple shifts。你可以毛遂自荐做单班制,也可以选择多班制。




       平原君回到赵国后感慨地说:“毛先生一至楚,而使楚重于九鼎大吕The warring states, qin army surround the zhao4 guo2's nagara handan, the situation was very urgent, zhao monarch king appointed plain gentleman filial piety to go begging. To chu Plain going to lead 20 to finish the mission, and, MenKe already picked the nineteenth, still less a name shall not come down. At this time, MAO hence proposed to go, plain herassessment salt, reluctantly prince took him went to chu. Plain gentleman to chu immediately after the king talked with the assistance zhao ", talked about the along while also no results. At this time, for the king hair wait, said: "we come here today you send reinforcements, you say, you don't forget, chu although soldiers much bigger, but repeatedly defeats, even countries and lost, in my opinion, chu need more than zhao4 guo2's combined resistance to qin!" Hair wait goes speak oral needs, immediately promised king mullen aassistance zhao. Plain gentleman zhao4 guo2's back after regrets ground say: "hair sir, which enables one to chu chu heavier than the nine tripods big lu."


        Southern Dynasties of Jiang Yan, word Wen-tung, when he was young, became a Dingdingyouming writer, his poems and articles at the time received high acclaims. However, when he is getting older, he has not previously written an article good, but a lot of setbacks. His poems written in prosaic; and pick up a pen-yin grip for a long time, still can not write a word, the occasional inspiration came; poem written, but the textual Kuse, content, plain were completely useless. So some people to legend, once a boat parked in Chan Jiang Yan-Ling Monastery river and dream of a self-named Zhang Jingyang person; to his followers repay a silk, he would arrest a few feet from her, he is also silk. Thus, his article there will be no wonderful. It was also legend; once the rule of Jiang Yan in the booth sleeping too; dreamed that a person claiming to Guo Pu, walked over to his side, his claim to the pen, said to him: "Man Michie, I have a pen in your place has been a long time, and now should be able to give it to me the bar! "Jiang Yan heard, they dig out from his arms, he is also a five-color pen. Reportedly Since then, Jiang Yan on Evans exhausted and could not write the article in any good.

       Jiang Yan's talent has not really run out, but he was an officer after the one hand, as the Chief busy, on the other hand also because of career proud of, without their own write, to sweat, they did not write the. Over time, the article will bring out less, lacking in talent. (Excerpt from "Practical Writing" 1995 No. 8 "I hope," Jiang "was not exactly")

        南朝的江淹,字文通,他年轻的时候,就成为一个鼎鼎有名的文学家,他的诗和文章在当时获得极高的评价。 可是,当他年纪渐渐大了以后,他的文章不但没有以前写得好了,而且退步不少。他的诗写出来平淡无奇;而且提笔吟握好久,依旧写不出一个字来,偶尔灵感来了;诗写出来了,但文句枯涩,内容 平淡得一无可取。于是就有人传说,有一次江淹乘船停在禅灵寺的河边,梦见一 个自称叫张景阳的人;向他讨还一匹绸缎,他就从怀中拘出几尺绸缎还他。因此,他的文章以后便不精彩了。又有人传说;有一次江淹在冶亭中睡午觉;梦见一个自称郭璞 的人,走到他的身边,向他索笔,对他说:“文通兄,我有一支笔在你那儿已经很久了,现在应该可以还给我了吧!” 江淹听了,就顺手从怀里取出一支五色笔来还他。据说从此以后,江淹就文思枯竭,再也写不出什么好的文章了。